Cliff Richard spotted taking the Tube in London

11 April 2018, 16:27 | Updated: 11 April 2018, 16:28

Cliff Richard on the Tube

Passengers were shocked to see the music legend riding the London Underground.

You know how it is: somtimes it's just quicker to jump on the Tube after a night out. And that's true even when you're Cliff Richard. The 77-year-old pop legend sat on a packed London Underground on the Jubilee Line on Tuesday evening (April 10).

Cliff apparently got on at Green Park, and off at North Greenwich where he got into a waiting car.

One passenger said: "I got on and sat opposite and I wasn't completely sure it was him until he spoke to a man he was with - a tall pleasant American bloke.

Cliff Richard on the Tube

Photos courtesy of SWNS

"He seemed relaxed, sleepy and maybe a little tipsy. He was pretty cool with just being on the Tube, not jumpy like someone who wasn't used to taking it.

"Nobody noticed him at all, everyone on the carriage was pretty young though so I guess that's why he's comfortable taking public transport.

"He got off at North Greenwich and went to the car pick up area."