QUIZ: How well do you know Roy Orbison's lyrics?

12 November 2021, 14:29 | Updated: 11 October 2023, 13:43

Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash - 'Oh Pretty Woman'

By Mayer Nissim

Can you tell your 'In Dreams' from your 'Only the Lonely'?

One of the early icons of rock 'n' roll, there aren't many people in the history of music that can tug at the heartstrings quite like Roy Orbison.

A big part of that was his stunning three (or four) octave range, earning him the nickname "the Caruso of Rock".

Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison. Picture: Alamy

Gold's Hall of Fame: Roy Orbison

And just as vital to the magic of the Big O's emotionally devastating back catalogue were the lyrics he sang.

None other than Bruce Springsteen called him "the true master of the romantic apocalypse you dreaded and knew was coming after the first night you whispered 'I Love You' to your first girlfriend", and who are we to argue with The Boss?

But how well do you know the lyrics to Roy Orbison's songs? Take our quiz and find out.