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Gold - FAQ

I used to be able to hear Gold on my radio in my area and now I can’t – How can I listen?

If you live in an area where Gold used to broadcast on either AM or DAB you still have a good few options on tuning into the greatest hits of all time. If you have Sky, FreeSAT or Virgin Media you can find us in the radio section of those platforms. You can tune in right here online or connect to us on the move via your phone or tablet computer.


Is Gold on Digital radio in my area?

If you live in greater London or the East Midlands then the answer is YES. If you live outside of these areas talk to your retailer about a wi-fi or internet radio device instead of a DAB radio.

I'm not sure if I have the right phone to be able to tune in?

If you have an Android or Apple device you are all set to use our free app to listen Gold.

I've got Freeview – Is Gold on there?

Sadly not at this time, Gold is available via Sky, FreeSAT and Virgin Media digital TV platforms.

How do I get in contact?

Head here to contact Global Customer Support for any questions you have for Gold Radio.