Clap For Our Carers: Applaud our NHS and Frontline Heroes

7 May 2020, 11:49 | Updated: 7 May 2020, 11:51

30th April - Applaud Our NHS Heroes - Clap for our Carers

Tonight (May 7), while we’re all doing our bit by staying at home – we’re taking a minute out to applaud those who can’t stay home – because they’re out fighting the battle against Coronavirus.

Whether it’s those working in the NHS, or any of the key workers keeping the country moving – we want them to know how much the work they’re doing means to us.

So, we’ll be asking you to get your windows open, stand on your doorstep and put your hands together to Applaud The NHS & Our Front Line Heroes, every Thursday night.

It's time to support not only all the amazing NHS staff, but all the supermarket employees, postal delivery workers, bus and train drivers, teachers looking after vulnerable children who can't stay at home, and so many others. It's our chance to let them know how much their incredible work means to us all.

Thank You to our NHS and frontline heroes
Thank You to our NHS and frontline heroes. Picture: Global

For the past two weeks, people up and down the country opened their windows and front doors, stood on balconies and in gardens, and showed their support on Thursday nights, and we're keeping that new tradition going.

Join Gold by applauding the NHS and Frontline Heroes at 8pm each Thursday, and let us know how you plan on doing it by tweeting us @MyGoldMusic, using the hashtag #ClapForOurCarers.