Can you believe these artists have NEVER won a major award?

jimi hendrix live

Thanks to last night's spectacular Global Awards, we've got winners on the brain - but which are artists have missed out over the years?

When you’re a legendary musician or songwriter, it’s usually only a matter of time before the awards start rolling in. But for these artists, Grammy Awards have been pretty hard to come by…

Chuck Berry

He pretty much invented rock ’n’ roll, but apparently that wasn’t enough to get Chuck Berry a Grammy during the glory years of his career - he got a Lifetime Achievement much later on.


The Who

One of Britain’s greatest bands, pioneering creators of concept albums, and NO Grammy awards to speak of.


Jimi Hendrix

Another Lifetime Achievement recipient, but awarded way after his death.


Bob Marley

He achieved legendary status in his lifetime, but he was only given a posthumous Grammy in 2001.



Despite their incredible popularity in America and a whopping seven nominations, Rush have never won a Grammy.



Guys, it might be time to stop believing in a Grammy. Nothing for the composers of one of the greatest pop-rock songs of all time.


The Kinks

Seems like being a seminal part of British music doesn’t get you very far across the pond - The Kinks have never even had a sniff of a Grammy.

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