Remembering when Dennis Waterman brilliantly duetted with Val Doonican on TV

10 May 2022, 11:37

By Mayer Nissim

Dennis Waterman was best known for his acting talent, but he was also one hell of a singer.

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When Dennis Waterman sadly died this week (May 8), fans were immediately recalling his masterful acting performances in shows like The Sweeney, Minder and New Tricks.

Waterman was also a fine singer, and he more than proved that by singing the theme tunes for Minder and New Tricks, as well as releasing a string of singles and trio of albums in the 1970s and 1980s.

Waterman's rendition of the Minder theme tune 'I Could Be So Good for You' even reached number 3 in the UK charts when it was re-released in 1980.

A couple of years later, Waterman rocked up on Val Doonican's The Val Doonican Music Show, which ran on BBC TV from 1965 to 1986.

Val immediately passed Dennis a guitar and after a brief plug for Waterman's then-new film The World Cup: A Captain's Tale, they performed a duet.

"It's one he wrote himself, you see, which is a very nice song,"," said Val. "Listen to this."

The pair then share verses on Waterman's 'Gone Wrong Song', taken from his third album So Good For You, and Val shows off his own skills with a twangy acoustic guitar solo.

Waterman was rubbing shoulders with some pretty serious musical talent with his appearance on the show, as Barbara Dickson and Ray Charles were the other guests on the same episode.

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