Francis Rossi to bring Status Quo to an end: "I don’t think we’ll go again"

25 June 2024, 14:04

After over sixty years on the road, it looks like Status Quo is coming to an end.
After over sixty years on the road, it looks like Status Quo is coming to an end. Picture: Getty

By Thomas Edward

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It may very well be the end.

Status Quo are one of the UK's most beloved, and most enduring rock bands of all time.

Forming in 1962, the band's main players in Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt joined forces in 1967 when the band formally became The Status Quo - dropping the 'the' two years later - and rocked the world together.

They became one of the most prolific rock bands of the sixties and seventies, releasing hit singles like 'Down Down', 'Caroline', and 'Whatever You Want'.

Many argue that their crowning glory came the following decade however, when they kicked off the iconic benefit concert Live Aid with a raucous set that included 'Rockin' All Over The World', their famed cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty.

Gold Meets... Status Quo's Francis Rossi

Sadly, Rick Parfitt died on Christmas Eve in 2016, having contracted sepsis after being admitted to hospital for a shoulder injury. He was just 68 years old.

Still, Rossi has soldiered on without his partner in crime, with Status Quo touring still. Though, in an interview with the Mirror, the waistcoat-wearing guitar slinger has admitted it'll be their last stint on the road.

Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World (Live Aid 1985)

"I don’t think we will go again," Rossi revealed. "And as far as the rest of the band are concerned it’s the last tour too. I just can’t see us doing it one more time."

He went on to explain why he didn't make a song and dance of it being the band's final ever tour.

"I didn’t want to put this current tour out, saying it’s the last one ever," he added. "I did it once and was then coerced into coming back, but that’s another whole other f**king story."

Rossi was referring to Quo's End Of An Era tour in 1984, where they confirmed they'd be splitting once the tour came to a close, yet went back on their decision.

"We did really split and then one of the managers came to me with a lie at the time that Rick [Parfitt] was in trouble with money again, which was often the case with Rick, so I said, ‘okay, we’ll do one more album - In the Army," he said.

Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt performing in Status Quo in 1976. (Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns)
Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt performing in Status Quo in 1976. (Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns). Picture: Getty

"Who knows they might offer a huge amount of money to do the Quo again but I don’t think so," he continued. "I am hesitant to call it the last ever but I just can’t see it continuing to be honest."

Francis still looks in great shape for his 75 years, though admitted that the rigours of the touring lifestyle are no longer doable.

"It’s f**king hurting this time, physically. We were at rehearsals before this tour and it occurred to me that we started 50 f**king years ago. Thinking about it brought it home my age."

"As much as you can say it’s just a number and you can’t really feel it, you definitely can and you are lying if you don't. I've had prostate problems for a while, and macular degeneration...all old people things," Rossi added.

Status Quo - Caroline

He was frank about wanting to call it quits for some time now, back-dating to before Parfitt passed away.

"Back in the day, I didn’t want to carry on with the band... even with Rick alive. I didn’t want to be there,” he continued.

"And then when Rick died it got even worse. People were really offensive to Andrew and John because they wanted the original line-up."

With Parfitt no longer with us, the band's co-founder bassist Alan Lancaster also passed away in 2021, leaving Rossi as the only original member.

"I can’t give the old, hardcore fans what they want, which is the original line-up. "I keep trying to ignore those people but it’s hard."

Currently touring the UK and Europe, Status Quo's final confirmed concert will take place at Vivary Park in Taunton, Somerset on 23rd August. If you're wanting to see their final hurrah, click here for tickets.

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