Mick Avory facts: The Kinks drummer's age, career, family and where he is now explained

6 June 2024, 17:54 | Updated: 11 June 2024, 16:34

Mick Avory in 1966
Mick Avory in 1966. Picture: Getty

By Tom Owen

Mick Avory, drummer for The Kinks from 1964 to 1984, played a vital role in shaping the band’s distinctive sound.

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Known for his steady and powerful drumming, Avory contributed to many of The Kinks’ classic hits, including ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘All Day and All of the Night.’

Despite internal band tensions, particularly with guitarist Dave Davies, Avory remained a key member for two decades.

His versatile style, influenced by jazz and rock, helped define The Kinks’ innovative musical approach. After leaving the band, Avory continued his musical career with various projects, maintaining his legacy as a rock icon.

  1. How old is Mick Avory?

    Mick Avory was born on February 15, 1944, in East Molesey, Surrey.

    As of 2024, he is 80 years old.

  2. When did he get his start in music?

    The Kinks On Top Of The Pops
    The Kinks On Top Of The Pops. Picture: Getty

    Mick Avory began his music career in the early 1960s. He initially played with various bands and was even briefly associated with the early lineup of The Rolling Stones.

    Avory joined The Kinks in February 1964, alongside Ray and Dave Davies and Pete Quaife, shortly before the band achieved widespread fame with their hit 'You Really Got Me' later that year.

  3. When and why did he quit The Kinks?

    Mick Avory left The Kinks in 1984.

    His departure was primarily due to ongoing tensions with guitarist Dave Davies, which had been a source of conflict for many years.

    Despite being a key member of the band, the personal and professional disagreements, particularly with Davies, ultimately led to his decision to quit. After leaving The Kinks, Avory pursued other musical projects, including joining The Kast Off Kinks, a band formed by former Kinks members.

  4. Where is Mick Avory now?

    The Kast-Off Kinks with Ray Davies - You Really Got Me (The Dome, Boston Arms, 22/11/2015)

    In March 2023, Avory dismissed rumours of a Kinks reunion, naming differences between the Davies brothers.

    He said: "I don't think it's possible now – one thing, health-wise. And I don't think we could ever work it out because Dave wanted to do it one way, and Ray wanted to do it the other – which was quite normal thinking for them.

    "Ray thought [of] doing it as an 'evolution tour' – you have different people who came into the band and what songs they recorded on and what songs affected them.

    "I thought that would be more interesting. But I think Dave just wanted 'a band' – not particularly with me in it. Just reform something like they had when I left – just a band with him and Ray in it, really."

    In the mid-'90s, he and Dave Clarke started playing with The Kast Off Kinks, who have also connected with John Dalton, John Gosling, Jim Rodford and Ian Gibbons. He has performed with them ever since.

    Avory has also played in The '60s All Stars' band with British 1960s group members John Dee (The Foundations), Alan Lovell (The Swinging Blue Jeans), and Derek Mandell (The George Harrison Band).