Global's Make Some Noise: Watch how we surprised small UK charities with huge cheques!

18 April 2019, 08:59

We’re changing lives, because of you!

From loud outfits and noisy events, to extreme challenges conquered and supported, to Tony Dibbin's last minute rock and roll hero band, last October you helped us raise £4.2 million for Global’s Make Some Noise.

It’s thanks to your amazing efforts and generous donations, that Global’s Make Some Noise has been able to give game-changing grants to 31 small charities across the UK.

Gold's Tony Dibbin was able to surprise one of those charities, The Child Brain Injury Trust, with a cheque for £88,000 - which is more than double the amount they were expecting.

The Child Brain Injury Trust provides long-term support to over 8,000 young people who have an acquired brain injury (ABI: injury occurring after birth).

The charity offers a range of brilliant services including a helpline, special family days and vital equipment. The team supports families face-to-face, from the moment of injury and diagnosis, through the rehabilitation process and beyond, with specialised members of staff who are always on hand to help those affected.

From Liverpool to London, and Glasgow through to Southampton, Global’s Make Some Noise will be helping almost 17,000 children and young people living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity over the next two years.

The national charity is doing this by funding nearly 18,000 hours of support for children and young people living with disabilities, including over 5,500 hours of specialist support for children with autism.

The grants given will provide 6,500 hours of vital support for children, young people and their families experiencing cancer, more than 2,000 counselling and therapy sessions for children and young people affected by mental health, and over 6,000 hours of much-needed help for young carers, and so much more.

Make Some Noise is also funding 57 roles across the charities. This includes two Clinical Psychologists for children with brain tumours and their families, two case workers specialising in domestic abuse, as well as a Bereavement Support Practitioner for children who have lost a close family member.

Tony Dibbin gives The Child Brain Injury Trust a MSN cheque
Tony Dibbin gives The Child Brain Injury Trust a MSN cheque. Picture: Gold/Global

This couldn’t happen without you!

To date, you’ve helped us to support 224 small charities, improving the lives of over 73,000 children and young people and thousands more families.


Now, check out our video above to see how we surprised 31 small charities up and down the country with far more money than they were expecting.