This mashup of The Temptations and Black Sabbath may be the best song you hear all day

11 August 2021, 10:26 | Updated: 16 November 2023, 11:06

The Temptations and Ozzy Osbourne
The Temptations and Ozzy Osbourne. Picture: Getty

By Mayer Nissim

The Temptations' 'Get Ready' + Black Sabbath's 'Children of the Grave' = pure pop perfection.

At the turn of the century you couldn't move for masterful mashups, with Freelance Hellraiser's 2001 'A Stroke of Genius' mix of The Strokes' 'Hard To Explain' and Christina Aguilera's 'Genie in a Bottle' maybe being the very best.

The scene never really went away after that, and although mashups don't get quite the same amount of attention these days, when this 2018 collision of Motown and Metal was recently posted on Reddit we sat up and took notice.

Yes, that's right. Motown. Metal. The Temptations' 'Get Ready' and Black Sabbath's 'Children of the Grave', to be precise, retitled 'Get Ready For The Grave'.

The Temptations and Black Sabbath - "Get Ready for the Grave"

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Mashup maestro Bill McClintock has even made an incredible video, mixing up live footage of both The Temptations and Sabbath for the perfect visual accompaniment to his mixing handiwork.

'Get Ready' was a hit for The Temptations back in 1966 and was the last song written for the group by Smokey Robinson, reaching number 26 in the US charts. A Rare Earth cover in 1970 did even better, going all the way to number 4.

Meanwhile. 'Children of the Grave' featured on Black Sabbath's double platinum 1971 album Master of Reality and also got a single release.

The Strokes Vs Christina Aguilera - A Stroke Of Genie-us

Maybe what's most striking about Bill's video is just how different the vibe is between them visually, when there really wasn't all that much time between them.

As YouTuber WillyTheComposer says: "The footage makes it seem like these two songs are from different eras, but these two are only five years apart."

And we can't help but agree with Hans Javis, who says: "I unironically want Soul Metal to become a thing."

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