A David Bowie painting has been bought in a Canadian charity shop for just $5

17 June 2021, 10:30 | Updated: 16 January 2024, 11:49

David Bowie - DHead XLVI
David Bowie - DHead XLVI. Picture: Getty/Cowley Abbott

By Mayer Nissim

The original painting by David Bowie is already nearing $40,000.

An original painting by David Bowie was bought in a Canadian charity shop for just $5.

Titled DHead XLVI, the acrylic and computer collage on canvas was bought by a shopper in a Goodwill shop in South River, Ontario.

The owner is now putting the painting up for sale and is likely to make a huge profit. The estimated value for the work ranged from C$9,000 - C$12,000, though at the time of writing the current bid is already C$38,100 (£22,130).

David Bowie - DHead XLVI
David Bowie - DHead XLVI. Picture: Cowley Abbott

The painting is part of the Cowley Abbott Online Auction of International Art. Bidding opens today (June 15) and closes on June 24.

"She was taken by the painting itself at first," Rob Cowley of the auction house told The Globe and Mail of the woman who picked up the bargain.

"Then she saw the printed label on the back that identified it as a work by David Bowie."

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The listing for the painting reads: "Between 1995 and 1997 Bowie created a series of approximately forty-seven works on canvas which he entitled Dead Heads (or D Head). Each title included a non-sequential Roman numeral.

"The sitters ranged from band members, friends and acquaintances and there were also some self-portraits."

How Bowie’s Fascination with Art Became a Full-Time Job

It continues: "With long hair and a pronounced profile, this energetic and enigmatic portrait is truly a rare representation from a celebrated artist."

During the time Bowie painted these works, he made some of his most leftfield music to date.

He reunited with Brian Eno for 1995's 1. Outside, which featured the hit 'Hallo Spaceboy', before taking inspiration from the jungle scene for 1997's Earthling, which was led by the 'Little Wonder' single.