Nick Mason facts: Pink Floyd drummer's age, wife, children and career explained

13 May 2024, 16:21

Nick Mason in 2019
Nick Mason in 2019. Picture: Getty

By Tom Owen

Nick Mason, the rhythmic backbone of Pink Floyd, has led an extraordinary life both behind the drum kit and beyond.

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As a founding member of one of the most influential bands in rock history, Mason's unique drumming style helped define Pink Floyd’s expansive soundscapes.

Beyond music, his passion for racing and collection of classic cars showcases a man of diverse interests and talents.

  1. How old is Nick Mason and where is he from?

    Pink Floyd (L-R Nick Mason, Rick Wright, Syd Barrett and Roger Waters) pose for a portrait in 1967
    Pink Floyd (L-R Nick Mason, Rick Wright, Syd Barrett and Roger Waters) pose for a portrait in 1967. Picture: Getty

    Nick Mason was born on January 27, 1944, which makes him 80 years old as of 2024. He is from Birmingham, England.

    His parents were Bill and Sally Mason. His father was a documentary film director and producer, which gave Nick early exposure to both the arts and mechanical objects, particularly cameras and vehicles. This background influenced his later interests in both music and cars.

  2. When did he join Pink Floyd?

    Pink Floyd in 2005
    Pink Floyd in 2005. Picture: Getty

    Nick Mason was a founding member of Pink Floyd, which formed in 1965.

    He was part of the original lineup along with Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright, and is the only member to have been part of the band continuously throughout its entire history. David Gilmour later joined the most-famous lineup.

    Nick Mason didn't frequently contribute as a primary songwriter for Pink Floyd, but he did have a hand in writing several tracks, particularly in the band's early days. Some of the notable songs that include his writing credits are:

    • "Careful with that Axe, Eugene"
    • "Echoes" from the album Meddle
    • "Time" from the album The Dark Side of the Moon
    • "One of These Days" from the album Meddle
  3. What has Nick Mason done outside of Pink Floyd?

    Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets 2022 Tour Trailer

    Outside of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason has pursued several interests and projects, blending his passions for music, cars, and writing:

    1. Solo Music Projects:

    - Mason released a solo album titled Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports in 1981, which was a collaboration with jazz composer Carla Bley.

    - More recently, he formed Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets, a band that performs early Pink Floyd material. The group tours extensively and focuses on music from Pink Floyd's pre-The Dark Side of the Moon era.

    2. Automotive Endeavors

    - Mason is an avid car collector and racer, particularly known for his collection of classic and race cars, including several Ferraris and a McLaren F1 GTR. He has participated in professional racing events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

    - He has written about his automotive passion in Into the Red and Passion for Speed, books that combine his love for cars with his personal experiences in racing.

  4. Who is Nick Mason's wife and does he have children?

    Nick Mason with wife Annette in 2024
    Nick Mason with wife Annette in 2024. Picture: Getty

    Nick Mason has been married twice. His first marriage was to Lindy Rutter, with whom he had two daughters, Holly and Chloe.

    After their divorce, Mason married his second wife, Annette Lynton, who is an actress.

    Together, they have two sons, Cary and Guy. The family has been involved in various aspects of the arts and motorsports, reflecting Mason's broad range of interests.