Watch Donny Osmond run through the audience at his concert to ask for song requests

13 December 2023, 10:03

Donny Osmond breaks down his biggest songs | Gold's Hall of Fame

By Mayer Nissim

What a showman!

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Donny Osmond has been in showbiz for six decades and counting, so he's had the chance to pick up a few tricks of the trade in that time.

And at a recent concert, he proved his ultimate connection with the live crowd.

In some video footage taken by a fan, you can see Donny running through the crowds at the Birmingham show to get up close and personal with his fans, exchange a few hugs, and even ask them for requests.

"Donny Osmond, running through the crowds at his concert in Birmingham," said Kirsty Spence, who posted the video on TikTok.

"He came in to the crowd to meet people and ask them to pick a song. What a man, what a showman."

Donny's last studio album was 2021's Start Again and he's currently in the UK on tour for the first time in six years, marking the 50th anniversary of when Donny first came to the UK with his brothers as part of The Osmonds.

"Performing in the UK has always felt like coming home and I'm thrilled to be returning for a tour," he said ahead of the shows.

"I'm bringing the whole cast from my new Las Vegas production that highlights six decades of entertaining. I can hardly wait to revisit those Osmondmania memories with everyone."

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