This John Lennon tribute from Argentina looks EXACTLY like him

20 April 2022, 16:39 | Updated: 15 January 2024, 11:35

John Lennon tribute artist Javier Parisi visits Abbey Road

Javier Parisi is perhaps the greatest tribute artist around, as he channels the late John Lennon at shows all over the world.

The talented singer hails from Argentina, and has amazed Beatles fans with his incredible impersonation.

Not only does he look exactly like John Lennon, but he sounds just like him too.

In 2022, Javier visited London's iconic Abbey Road - where the real John Lennon famously performed many times with The Beatles - to showcase his impressive talent.

Watch a video of Javier's visit above. Credit: Sergio Schuchinsky.

Born in Lanus City, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Javier began studying guitar and English language early on in his childhood, when he was eight.

He was heavily influenced by The Beatles growing up, after discovering them at his parents’ house.

Aged 20, he decided to create his first tribute band to the Fab Four, with friends from his town. The band performed at small venues until they found fame in the city, and grew their fanbase.

Javier Parisi as John Lennon
Javier Parisi as John Lennon. Picture: Instagram/Javier Parisi

Javier then decided that the band should not only sound like The Beatles, but to also 'look' like them on stage too. He began to replicate the outfits they used to wear, and perfected his style to look and sound like John.

Since then, Javier has gone from strength to strength as a solo performer, and he has travelled the world to amazed Beatles fans everywhere.

Watch a couple of performances from his social media below:

How impressive is that?

Speaking about his love for Lennon on his blog, he said: "He’s still alive with his music, although he is not physically with us, he left his entire legacy and the most important thing, as John said, this conviction that we must believe in ourselves and we must get up every day to follow our dreams."

On why he started impersonating Lennon, he explained: "Well, I fell in love with them when I was 8 years old, I was watching tv when I saw this ad of a TV show. They were singing 'A Hard Day’s Night'. I was shocked; the riff of the beginning just blew my mind. I felt so attracted to their music.

"It was the first time music had colours, smell as I had imagined. Of John I’ve always liked his sense of humour, his voice and his rebellious spirit, saying what he wanted to say, always standing up for what he believed in."

If there's ever going to be a John Lennon biopic, look no further.

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