Tony Christie opens up about dementia diagnosis ahead of UK tour and new album

24 January 2024, 13:48

Tony Christie 'A Life Of Music' Celebrating 80 Years - 2023/2024 Tour trailer

By Mayer Nissim

Tony Christie says that he's not noticed any decline since he started taking medication.

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Tony Christie has spoken frankly about being diagnosed with dementia.

The crooner opened up about the condition as he continues his Celebrating 80 Years – 2023/2024 Tour, and next month releases We Still Shine, his first solo studio album in over a decade.

The 80-year-old admitted that he started to forget people's names in 2021 and also began to struggle with his favoured hobby of solving cryptic crosswords

He was given a brain scan and diagnosed with early onset dementia, telling the Daily Express: "Well, I wasn’t happy but they gave me pills which they said won’t cure me although they should help slow the degeneration."

Christie said that he hadn't noticed any further decline, and explained how he continues to sing live on stage night after night.

Tony Christie - (Is This The Way To) Amarillo [Official Video]

“I have an autocue with all the songs' lyrics but so do lots of singers," he said.

"Anyway, I’m a different person when I’m performing. They call me the Quiet Man at home but I come alive in front of an audience. And I always have Sue with me. She's my rock. I call her my dresser.

"Seriously, I'd never go anywhere without her. I hated it when I was touring and the children were babies and she had to stay at home."

Tony Christie on stage in Germany
Tony Christie on stage in Germany. Picture: Getty Images

Following his diagnosis, Christie became an ambassador for the Music for Dementia charity and recorded record Andrew Gold’s 'Thank You For Being A Friend' on its behalf.

"My doctor told me music is one of the best therapies for anyone with dementia," Tony said.

Recorded in three weeks in Nashville, Christie's We Still Shine is released on February 16.

Tony Christie live in 2021
Tony Christie live in 2021. Picture: Getty Images

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Home Home Home
  2. Early Morning Memphis
  3. Just Like Yesterday
  4. Angel Eyes
  5. Hangin’ Around
  6. We Still Shine
  7. In The Times Of My Weakness
  8. It’s Been A While Since I Missed You
  9. Sail Away
  10. Once Upon A Time
  11. That’s What Friends Are For

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