QUIZ: Can you name these 1970s bands with just one picture?

5 October 2022, 13:06

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By Mayer Nissim

They were massive in their day, but can you name these bands from the era of glam, funk, punk and disco from one picture?

After the birth of rock and roll in the 1950s and pop explosion of the 1960s, things really started to diversify in the decade that followed.

Glam, punk, funk, disco, soft rock, new wave, heavy metal and early hip-hop... there were countless bands making classic music of any genre you can think of in the 1970s.

Some of these bands remain so iconic it's not worth asking if you recognise them – of course you do! Some are even still recording and releasing music today.

Others were massive stars and may still be heard on Gold Radio, but their image may have faded somewhat.

So can you name these incredibly successful bands from the 1970s from just one photograph?