QUIZ: How much do you know about 1970s music?

20 March 2024, 12:04

Sister Sledge on their UK tour

By Mayer Nissim

Disco, reggae, glam, rock, punk, pop, hip-hop...

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After the stunning explosion of pop in the 1960s, the following decade saw music spiral off into countless different directions.

There was hard rock and the beginnings of metal. The technicolour of glam and disco. Reggae going global. Prog and its counterbalance punk rock, and the earliest days of hip-hop.

But how much do you know about one of the most eclectic periods in music? Take our tricksy quiz below or put your pals through their 1970s paces, before checking the answers at the bottom.

1. What was the name of Bob Marley's band?

2. Slade scored SIX number one singles in the 1970s, but what was the first?

3. Which group released the original version of 'Hanging on the Telephone' before Blondie covered it?

4. Dolly Parton claimed to have written two of her biggest hits on the same day. 'Jolene' and which other song?

5. Who did Sid Vicious replace as the bass player in the Sex Pistols?

6. What was the debut Madness single, released in 1979?

7. The introduction of Part One of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells was used in the soundtrack to which classic horror movie?

8. David Bowie scored his first number one single in 1975 with which song?

9. 'Iron Man' features on which classic Black Sabbath album?

10. Which disco star wrote 'Grease' for Frankie Valli to sing as the theme of the movie of the same name?

12. Who recorded the breakthrough old-school hip-hop classic 'Rapper's Delight'?

12. Donna Summer co-wrote her massive hits 'Love To Love You Baby' and 'I Feel Love' with Peter Belotte which Italian producer dubbed "The Father of Disco"?

13. What was the name of John Lennon's angry song about Paul McCartney on Imagine that included the lyric "The only thing you done was yesterday / And since you've gone you're just another day"?

14. Which member of Pink Floyd wrote ALL the lyrics for Dark Side of the Moon?

15. Isaac Hayes recorded the soundtrack for which classic 1971 Blaxploitation film?

  1. The Wailers
  2. 'Cuz I Love You'
  3. The Nerves
  4. 'I Will Always Love You'
  5. Glen Matlock
  6. 'The Prince'
  7. The Exorcist
  8. 'Space Oddity' (a re-release of his 1969 hit)
  9. Paranoid
  10. Barry Gibb
  11. The Sugarhill Gang
  12. Giorgio Moroder
  13. 'How Do You Sleep?'
  14. Roger Waters
  15. Shaft