Gold's Massive Music Quiz for Global's Make Some Noise: Play and donate now!

8 June 2020, 06:00 | Updated: 8 June 2020, 06:01

Gold's Music Quiz
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To support The Global’s Make Some Noise Emergency Appeal we’ve put together a super hard mega quiz for our listeners.

We’re asking anyone who takes part to please donate £5 by texting Gold5 to 70766. 100% of your donation will go to our Emergency Appeal for Global’s Make Some Noise which is helping those hit hardest by coronavirus.

Covid-19 has impacted so many lives in so many different ways, so the money you give will be split to help lots of small, local charities up and down the UK who need our help right now.

Together, we can help vulnerable people who are struggling right now. We can support vulnerable people experiencing grief, poverty, domestic abuse, loneliness, illness and mental health problems.

To find out more, and for other ways to donate, head to

Round 1: Music General Knowledge

Round 2: Song Lyrics

Round 3: James Bond Themes

Round 4: Number Ones

Round 5: Real Names - what are these stars better known as?

Round 6: 1970s Album Covers