QUIZ: Can you guess these famous singers from their real names?

8 September 2021, 15:18

Rock stars and their real names
Rock stars and their real names. Picture: Getty

By Mayer Nissim

Apu: "Apu Nahasapeemapetilon."
Nigel: "Hmm. Never fit on a marquee, luv. From now on, your name is Apu de Beaumarchais."
Apu: "That is a great dishonor to my ancestors and my god... but okay!"

- 'Homer's Barbershop Quartet' in The Simpsons

Apu gets a new name in The Simpsons
Apu gets a new name in The Simpsons. Picture: Fox

Rock 'n' roll is full of stars who have changed their names.

Controversially, some were nudged into it because managers or labels felt their names didn't fit with the ethnic or national majority. Others had names that were already in use by other popstars.

Some though just fancied something jazzy for a stage name.

But if we give you a musician's real name, will you be able to tell us the name the world knows and loves them by? Take our quiz to find out.