These are Freddie Mercury’s finest ever vocal performances

Freddie Mercury Live Aid

Freddie Mercury’s incomparable vocals are among the most recognisable in rock - but which songs capture him at his best?

His voice lives on: we decided to celebrate the very best performances Freddie Mercury ever gave to us, on record and in the arenas.


It’s A Hard Life

Right from that insane opening, this is flamboyance through and through. All together now… “I DOOON’T WAAANT YOUR FREEEEDOOOOM!”


Don’t Stop Me Now

We’ve all sung it at the office party, but no-one sang it as well as Freddie.


Back Chat

Not a popular Queen song, by any means, but listen to how different Mercury’s vocals sound here compared to the band’s bigger hits - clipped delivery, crazy enunciation, totally entertaining.



A soaring duet with operatic soprano Montserrat Cabaillé, this was Freddie at his most bombastic, reaching for those high notes and easily keeping up with one of the best singers in the world.


Somebody To Love

So good that it became a calling-card for the great George Michael, it’s still tough to beat the original.


Under Pressure

When you’re up against David Bowie, you’ve got to bring your A-game, and Freddie certainly does. Not only a great vocal performance, but also a great duet.


Bohemian Rhapsody

How could we leave this out? It’s an incredible, epic song, but just listen to the vocals throughout - layer after layer of technicolor vocal harmony, but all tied together by Mercury’s distinct tones.