Keith Richards facts: Rolling Stones star's age, wife, children and career explained

30 May 2024, 16:51 | Updated: 3 June 2024, 15:01

Keith Richards in 2022
Keith Richards in 2022. Picture: Getty

By Tom Owen

Keith Richards is a true rock god.

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Keith Richards’ journey from a young boy fascinated by American blues to a global rock icon is nothing short of remarkable.

With a career spanning over six decades, Richards has not only defined the sound and attitude of the Rolling Stones but also influenced countless musicians with his unique guitar style and rebellious persona.

His life, marked by musical genius, infamous escapades, and an unwavering dedication to his craft, continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

  1. How old is Keith Richards?

    Keith Richards
    Keith Richards. Picture: Getty

    Keith Richards is 80 years old as of 2024. He was born on December 18, 1943, in Dartford, Kent.

    Keith Richards' parents were Herbert William Richards and Doris Maud Lydia Dupree Richards. His father, Herbert, was a factory worker, and his mother, Doris, was a homemaker.

  2. How did he get his start in music and when did he join The Rolling Stones?

    (L-R) Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts
    (L-R) Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts. Picture: Getty

    Keith Richards' start in music began at a young age, influenced by his maternal grandfather, Augustus Theodore "Gus" Dupree, who was a jazz big-band musician.

    Gus introduced Keith to the guitar and nurtured his early interest in music. Richards developed a passion for American blues and rock 'n' roll, drawing inspiration from artists like Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.

    Richards attended Sidcup Art School, where he reconnected with Mick Jagger, a childhood acquaintance who shared his love for music. The two began collaborating, and their mutual passion for rhythm and blues led them to join forces with Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Charlie Watts, and Bill Wyman (and later Ronnie Wood).

    Keith Richards officially joined The Rolling Stones in 1962, contributing to the formation of the band that would become one of the most iconic and enduring groups in rock history.

  3. Which songs has Keith Richards written?

    The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil (Official Video) [4K]

    Keith Richards has co-written many of The Rolling Stones' most famous songs, often in collaboration with Mick Jagger. Some of the notable songs Keith Richards has co-written include:

    1. 'Satisfaction'

    2. 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'

    3. 'Paint It Black'

    4. 'Sympathy for the Devil'

    5. 'Gimme Shelter'

    6. 'Brown Sugar'

    7. 'Start Me Up'

    8. 'Angie'

    9. 'Wild Horses'

    10. 'Honky Tonk Women'

  4. Is Keith Richards married and does he have kids?

    Keith Richards and wife Patti Hansen in 2018
    Keith Richards and wife Patti Hansen in 2018. Picture: Getty

    Keith Richards is married to Patti Hansen, an American model. The couple married on December 18, 1983, which was also Keith's 40th birthday.

    They have two daughters together, Theodora Dupree Richards, born in 1985, and Alexandra Nicole Richards, born in 1986.

    In addition to his daughters with Patti Hansen, Keith Richards has three other children from previous relationships.

    He has a son, Marlon Leon Sundeep Richards, born in 1969, and a daughter, Angela Richards (originally named Dandelion), born in 1972, with his former partner Anita Pallenberg.

    Richards and Pallenberg also had another son, Tara Jo Jo Gunne, who tragically passed away at just two months old in 1976.

    (L-R) Theodora Richards, Patti Hansen, Keith Richards, and Alexandra Richards
    (L-R) Theodora Richards, Patti Hansen, Keith Richards, and Alexandra Richards. Picture: Getty
  5. What else has Keith Richards done outside the Rolling Stones?

    Keith Richards - Trouble (Official Audio)

    Keith Richards has released a few solo albums. His solo discography includes:

    - Talk Is Cheap (1988)

    - Main Offender (1992)

    - Crosseyed Heart (2015)

    He also formed a backing band called The X-Pensive Winos, with whom he toured and recorded his solo albums.

    Richards made a notable appearance as Captain Teague, the father of Johnny Depp's character Captain Jack Sparrow, in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.