George Harrison's son Dhani thinks John Lennon liked 'All Things Must Pass' really

9 August 2021, 11:29 | Updated: 15 January 2024, 11:10

All Things Must Pass and John Lennon
All Things Must Pass and John Lennon. Picture: Apple/Getty

By Mayer Nissim

John Lennon said mixed things about George Harrison's solo launch in the years after its release.

George Harrison's son Dhani has said that John Lennon was likely blown away by his dad's solo album All Things Must Pass.

After being restricted to a supporting songwriting role behind Lennon and Paul McCartney during his career in The Beatles, George's first solo record after the break-up was a triple album clocking in at over an hour and three-quarters.

During his lifetime, Lennon often said less-than-complimentary things about his ex-bandmates' music and apparently expressed mixed feelings about All Things Must Pass.

All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary (Official Trailer)

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In 1970 soon after the album was release, he told Rolling Stone that it was just "all right", adding that he "wouldn’t play that kind of music" himself at home.

He added: "I don’t want to hurt George's feelings, I don't know what to say about it."

But as Apple Music Hits (via NME) pointed out to Dhani, Derek and the Dominos singer Bobby Whitlock, who played on All Things Must Pass, claimed that Lennon was "visibly blown away" when he was played the album on a visit to the studio.

John Lennon and George Harrison
John Lennon and George Harrison. Picture: Getty

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"Yeah, I mean, how could you not be, especially for The Beatles," Dhani said.

"There might’ve been an oops moment. Like, 'Oops. S**t. Maybe that song was good.'"

He added: "I think they were all just very happy for each other.

"How could you not be happy if you had a bandmate who left your band and then went and did that? How could you not be happy for them?"

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass (2020 Mix / Audio)

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All Things Must Pass has been reissued several times since its original 1970 launch.

George oversaw the 2001 CD reissue, adding bonus tracks and changing the running order of the Apple Jam.

A triple vinyl and download reissue followed in 2010, and a new CD remaster in 2014, before this year's bumper 50th anniversary re-release that came on August 6.

There are seven different versions of the new All Things Must Pass, including standard vinyl and CD alongside the more expansive 5 CD/8LP collections featuring outtakes, jams and demos.

There's even a £859.99 Uber Deluxe Edition box-set housed in a special wooden crate.