Retired NHS surgeon entertains neighbours with impressive Brian May impersonation from his garden - video

17 April 2020, 15:00 | Updated: 5 October 2023, 11:37

Glasgow Man Entertains Neighbours With Impressive Brian May Impersonation From His Garden

A man from Glasgow took this week's #ClapForOurCarers to the next level, when he donned a Brian May wig and belted out 'We Will Rock You' to the delight of his neighbours.

Mike Barnard, 61, a retired NHS dental surgeon, was the spitting image of the legendary Queen guitartist Brian May last night (April 16), when he plugged in his guitar and rocked away to the classic anthem.

Watch the amazing moment above!

Mike, who worked in the NHS and private practices for over 35 years, told Gold that he has been isolating with wife Karen and youngest son Fraser, who is a third year physics student part time key worker at a nearby supermarket.

He said: "I decided last Thursday that the clapping for the NHS was such a feel good thing, how much more fun if there was even more noise and a bit of entertainment thrown in?

"I had heard the #OneMillionClaps had got the Queen song 'We Will Rock You' onboard as an anthem and I reckoned the thumping beat and clapping could really make Thusday night memorable.

Mike Barnard and Brian May
Mike Barnard and Brian May. Picture: The Barnard Family / Getty

"So, I jokingly mentioned it to my nearest neighbours and said I'd dress up as Brian May if they would make some noise. I've been a crazy keen guitarist since I was 15, I played in some bands at uni and was a founder member of Glasgow prog rock band Comedy of Errors, who are still performing though I was in the line up from '82-87."

He continued: "I have a collection of guitars and one of them happened to be a Brian May red special so that added to the authentic look and sound. I decided to play live along with the music as miming would be too tame and you can't beat the power of a loud guitar to add some drama."

Speaking of his love for Queen, Mike said: "I've been a Queen fan since the start and always admired their unique blend of musicianship and showmanship, as a guitarist Brian May has a personal sound that is definitive an I have admired his playing from day one.

"As far as a repeat performance goes... I don't know. Perhaps the final Thursday before lockdown is lifted could be a fitting date, so let's see what happens."

On how his neighbours reacted, he said: "The reaction of the street and neighbours was overwhelming, the noise they made was staggering and everyone had a smile on their face, it exceeded expectations and there was a real buzz.

Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard. Picture: The Barnard Family

"It seemed just what people needed especially as a further period of lockdown had just been announced that day."

But what about a duet with Brian May himself?

"Wow, in my dreams. I'm following him on YouTube right now where he is sharing some guitar tips and his feelings throughout this difficult time, he is a very thoughtful and caring person, intelligent and talented. A lot to be jealous of!"

Bravo, Mike!

Brian May has been entertaining fans from home in recent weeks, and has recently teamed up with Gary Barlow for a singalong.