Who is Nathan Osmond? The second generation Osmond keeping the family business alive

30 January 2024, 14:40

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By Mayer Nissim

Nathan is leading the Next Generation of Osmonds.

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The Osmonds were one of the ultimate musical families.

Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie and Little Jimmy conquered the 1970s, and even after the original lineup fractured, each individual Osmond continued to score hits over the years.

And while some of the Osmonds are still very much going strong, with Donny and Marie continuing to record new music and sell out massive shows, there's a new generation of Osmonds now breaking through.

One of those is Nathan Osmond, who juggles his careers as an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcaster and life coach with his growing success in the family business of pop.

But who is Nathan Osmond? Where does he fit in the Osmond family tree? And what sort of music does he make? Read on to find out.

Who are Nathan Osmond's parents and how old is he?

Alan Osmond and Suzanne with their then-six sons  in 1986: Michael Alan, Nathan George, Douglas Kenneth, David Levi, Scott Merrill and Jonathon
Alan Osmond and Suzanne with their then-six sons in 1986: Michael Alan, Nathan George, Douglas Kenneth, David Levi, Scott Merrill and Jonathon. Picture: Getty Images

Nathan George Osmond is one of 39 (THIRTY-NINE!) children at our latest count born to the original Osmonds lineup.

He's the second oldest of eight sons of Alan Osmond and Suzanne Osmond (née Pinegar), which means that he's the nephew of Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie and Little Jimmy.

Nathan was born in 1977, making him 47 years old in 2024.

How did Nathan Osmond get into the music business?

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The obvious answer to this is "what did you expect, he's an Osmond!".

To be more precise, as one of eight Osmond siblings, he performed as part of The Osmond Brothers Second Generation alongside his siblings Michael Alan, Douglas Kenneth, David Levi, Scott Merrill, Jonathon Pinegar, Alexander Thomas and Tyler James.

David is the lead singer of The Osmond Brothers Second Generation and he had a good showing on American Idol back in 2009 before he was forced to withdraw because of laryngitis.

What music is Nathan Osmond making now?

"The Tailgate Song" - Nathan Osmond

Nathan has ploughed his own furrow as a country musician.

"I love country music. So I think my Aunt Marie's excited one of us kept it country," Nathan recently told People.

He's scored four consecutive number one hits on the Independent Country charts, including the tracks 'Sweet' and 'The Tailgate Song'.

While Nathan is doing his own music, he's not shying away from the Osmond name.

"It is so crazy how many people know more about my family than I do," he said.

"It's amazing. The Osmond fans are the most diehard. There's only two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that were paid by the fans of the artists," Nathan continues. "Liza Minnelli and the Osmond family.

"Do you know how much that meant to us? Our fans are so loyal and they have been for over 60 years."

Is Nathan Osmond married, and does he have any children?

Nathan is married to Sarah Eileen Osmond, and together they have four sons together.

"I think there's like 57 grandkids," he told People. "I have four boys myself. Scotty has five boys. Jay has three boys. So there's I think only 17 girls and several were adopted."

"So you literally have to adopt girls to get 'em in the Osmond family. We just don't produce them."

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