Paul McCartney's brother Mike spends his 80th birthday in hospital

17 January 2024, 10:33

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By Mayer Nissim

Mike McCartney gives his thanks to the NHS and shares a health update.

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Paul McCartney's brother Mike has revealed that he spent his 80th birthday in hospital.

The younger brother of the Beatles man shared with fans a health update on Twitter/X and confirmed that he is now home.

"Me at 22…I’m now 80..can u believe! and haven’t changed at all! You won’t believe how I spent my 80th!" he captioned an image of his younger self.

He followed it up with a close-up photo of his hospital wristband.

Mike added: "I mentioned you wouldn’t believe HOW I spent my 80th birthday didn’t I ? The glorious celebrations were spent in our local hospital!

"The NHS nurses, doctors & staff were, as always..magnificent. I’m now, thankfully out. Thanks to the NHS very much ❤️"

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that the name on the band isn't Mike, but actually Peter McCartney.

Born Peter Michael McCartney, the younger McCartney sibling is more widely known by his middle name Mike McCartney, or sometimes under his stage name Mike McGear, which he used as a member of The Scaffold.

Paul McCartney and Mike McGear in 1974
Paul McCartney and Mike McGear in 1974. Picture: Getty Images

Mike recently shared his memories of hearing his brother and John Lennon writing 'Love Me Do' in the McCartney family home, which hosted up-and-coming acts performing the track to mark its 60th anniversary in 2022.

"There were many beautiful songs that floated upstairs to me, but that was the one was that was chosen," he said.

"I heard them all from nothing. I could hear the guitar... the chords being formed