Rolling Stones new song 'Angry' explained: Hackney Diamonds single's meaning revealed

11 September 2023, 12:44

Sydney Sweeney stars in the video for 'Angry'
Sydney Sweeney stars in the video for 'Angry'. Picture: Rolling Stones/Getty

By Tom Eames

The Rolling Stones are back with a new single, ‘Angry’, from their upcoming album Hackney Diamonds, which will be their first collection of original songs since 2005’s A Bigger Bang.

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The song, which was released on September 6, 2023, is a classic rock anthem that showcases the band’s trademark sound and attitude.

The song is about a troubled relationship that is on the verge of breaking up. The narrator, presumably Mick Jagger, pleads with his partner not to get angry with him, as he tries to explain his side of the story and salvage what is left of their love.

However, he also admits his faults and frustrations and expresses a desire to escape from the situation. He suggests that they should end things on a high note, or in a blaze, rather than letting it drag on in misery.

The song features a catchy riff by Keith Richards, who co-wrote the song with Jagger and producer Andrew Watt. The rhythm section is driven by Charlie Watts, who recorded his final drum tracks for the album before his death in August 2021, and Steve Jordan, who replaced him on tour.

The Rolling Stones - Angry (Official Video)

The band have said that the song is inspired by their own experiences and observations of relationships. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon at London’s Hackney Empire, Jagger said that the song is “a bit autobiographical, but not totally”.

He added that he wanted to write a song that was “funny and ironic” and that captured the “drama and humour” of a lovers’ quarrel.

Richards said that the song is “a typical Stones thing” and that it reflects their “sense of humour and sarcasm”. He also said that he was proud of the riff he came up with, which he described as “a killer”.

The music video for the song was also premiered at the end of the interview. The video, directed by Francois Rousselet, features actress Sydney Sweeney in the back of an open-top car on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Rolling Stones in 2023
The Rolling Stones in 2023. Picture: Getty

The video also shows the band performing the song in different locations and eras on giant billboards. The video can be seen as a tribute to the band’s long and illustrious career, as well as a celebration of their new music.

‘Angry’ is the first single from Hackney Diamonds, which will be released on October 13, 2023. The album will feature 12 new songs written by Jagger and Richards, as well as guest appearances by Paul McCartney, Elton John and Stevie Wonder among others.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Watts, who was an integral part of the band for almost six decades.

‘Angry’ is a rollicking, rip-roaring rock ‘n’ roll song that proves that the Rolling Stones are still at the top of their game, even after more than 50 years in the business. The song is a testament to their musical genius, their creative hunger, and their enduring legacy.