Rod Stewart and Boy George duet on poignant 'Killing Of Georgie' on first night of tour

26 June 2023, 15:29

Rod Stewart and Boy George already had a connection through 'The Killing Of Georgie', and now they've finally sung it together.
Rod Stewart and Boy George already had a connection through 'The Killing Of Georgie', and now they've finally sung it together. Picture: Instagram/Sir Rod Stewart

By Thomas Curtis-Horsfall

The pair promised to "misbehave" on tour.

When Rod Stewart revealed that his long-time friend Boy George was joining him on tour, both sets of fans were holding out for something special.

But during the promotional interviews for their upcoming joint tour, rumours emerged that Rod was quitting music soon.

It wasn't quite the news his fans were expecting, though he recently came out and clarified his statements saying he'd - at the very least - finish playing his classics throughout 2024.

As an emphatic response to the media maelstrom about his supposed retirement, Rod recently brought out his pal Boy George for an incredibly special rendition of an absolute classic of his.

During the first leg of their UK tour together, the iconic Culture Club singer came on stage in Plymouth to duet on 'The Killing Of Georgie'.

Rod Stewart ft. Boy George - The killing of Georgie - Plymouth 24-6-2023

Sat side-by-side, Rod introduced the ballad before forgetting when he actually wrote it, which cracked up the crowd.

Boy George then recalled the first time he heard 'The Killing Of Georgie' and the personal meaning the song holds for him.

Written about the gay friend of Rod's who was murdered during the 1970s, the story resonated with Boy George as a young gay man, and it was his mum that introduced him to it.

His mum - who sadly passed away recently - left the record in his sock drawer before Boy George had revealed his true sexuality to his mum.

"I actually thought you'd written it about me!" he joked with Rod right before the pair took it in turns to sing the 1976 hit to the 17,000-strong audience.

"What incredible moments," Rod wrote to his Instagram followers after posting several pictures of the two performing together.

When it was initially revealed Boy George would be supporting Sir Rod on tour, he said: "I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing the stage with my dear old friend, Boy George. Let’s misbehave!"

The Culture Club icon was equally effusive about the 'Maggie May' singer, saying: "I’m a massive Rod Stewart fan. I have been since I was a teenager. I love his voice and he’s always been very charming to me."

It might not have been in his wildest dreams he'd eventually support the man who wrote 'The Killing Of Georgie', a song that he holds so dear because of the connection it has to his identity and to his mum.

Given it's only the first night of their UK tour - which continues on to Northampton, Durham, Bristol, Hull and eventually Edinburgh - it'll no doubt be a one-off.