Ringo Starr's son Zak Starkey shuts down talk of a Beatles kids supergroup in the funniest way

27 November 2023, 14:41

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By Mayer Nissim

Could The Beatles' children form a pop supergroup? Here's why they won't.

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With several of The Beatles' children having successful careers in music, there's long been talk of some sort of collaboration with or between them.

Way back when, there was an idea floated of Julian Lennon taking his father's spot in a reformed Beatles, which obviously never came to pass.

More recently, after Beatles "siblings" Sean Ono Lennon and Zak Starkey revealed they've been hanging out together, a fan floated the idea of a kids' supergroup featuring John and Ringo's kids, along with George Harrison's son Dhani.

"What a guy (although he looks completely insane here and he is and so are we) it was so great that Sean invited us to hang at the Dakota and actually get to know each other a bit," Zak had captioned the image on Instagram.

"We had a gas and I have to say being in the apartment sshh and I experienced such an overwhelming feeling of LOVE that we didn't wanna leave . Thanks Bredda see u soon xxx"

A fan replied: "Would i love to see you, Dhani, and Sean do something together."

Zak initially quipped "u mean a three way right?", before hilariously pointing out why the sons of three Beatles couldn't hope to share their incredible personal and pop chemistry of their parents.

"If we had spent 3 years sleeping on flea infested mattresses in the back room of a Hamburg club it might have chemistry - but we have been swaddled in silken robes in houses so big that it's too far to go and make a piece of toast - seen?"

Ringo Starr on his son Zak joining the Who

Zak actually made the remarks a few months back, but fans on X/Twitter have only just dug out the exchange from the Instagram comments, NME reports.

Over the years Zak Starkey has played with not just his dad's All-Starr Band, but also been a regular drummer with some absolutely massive bands including Johnny Marr and the Healers, The Lightning Seeds, The Who and Oasis.

Sean Ono Lennon has released solo albums and worked with the Plastic Ono Band and other artists, while Dhani has also released a number of records over the years.

With all that said, John Lennon's other son Julian recently floated the idea of working with his half brother Sean on an idea they have together, saying "it'll have its time and place.""