Paul McCartney's son James announces first new music since 2016 with 'Beautiful'

14 February 2024, 12:43

After nearly a decade out of the spotlight, James McCartney is returning with brand new music in 2024.
After nearly a decade out of the spotlight, James McCartney is returning with brand new music in 2024. Picture: Getty

By Thomas Edward

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"Hey Jamesy, rock it man, I know you will."

Those words of encouragement from James McCartney's legendary father and former founder of The Beatles almost overshadowed his budding career in music.

After appearing on ITV back in 2013, Paul McCartney sent in a video call, especially for James ahead of his debut live television performance that went immediately viral.

Multi-instrumentalist James began releasing his own solo material back in 2010 with a series of EPs, before taking the plunge with his debut studio album, Me, in 2013.

On the eve of his debut album release, Macca's moment of kindness towards his only son with Linda McCartney managed to snatch all the public attention.

Of course, his output was always going to be compared to his father's, and that's some legacy to contend with.

But after nearly a decade out of the spotlight, James is returning with new music in 2024, with his brand new single titled 'Beautiful'.

Confirming on his personal social media channels on 12th February, James revealed that his new single is set for release on 23rd February.

It'll mark his first new material since 2016 when he released his album, The Blackberry Train, but has been inactive since.

Before even considering pursuing a career as a musician, James was understandably surrounded by his father's music.

He even contributed to recording sessions for Paul McCartney's solo albums like 1997's Flaming Pie and Driving Rain in 2001, as well as his mum's 1998 release Wide Prairie.

Paul McCartney CRINGE "Hey Jamesy, rock it man"

Talk of a supergroup made up of The Beatles' children has consistently been rumbling around the rumour mill for decades.

These rumours began swirling yet again after Julian and Sean Lennon said there's a major possibility that they'd start making music with one another, and the sons of John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Macca all seemingly spending more time together.

Fans of the Fab Four put two and five together and assumed that it might finally mean the beginning of 'The Baby Beatles', before Zak Starkey poured cold water on the idea.

Ringo Starr's son - who is a respected drummer himself having played with The Who and Oasis - offered his opinion on the matter in the most hilarious way, replying to comments:

"If we had spent 3 years sleeping on flea-infested mattresses in the back room of a Hamburg club it might have chemistry - but we have been swaddled in silken robes in houses so big that it's too far to go and make a piece of toast - seen?"